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  • Stolen Focus

    Why You Can’t Pay Attention—and How to Think Deeply Again Being able to pay attention is hard and difficult… because you need to shut it all down and force yourself to focus. Focus in a phone driven notifications chirps buzzing and more from all the devices. It’s nearly impossible in our busy distracted day to […]

  • The Premonition

    A Pandemic Story Also Michael Lewis is an excellent author of behind the scenes and the human qualities of the people at these history making moments and how seeing through his words their experiences and how close we come to catastrophe but for the lives of these folks. Terrifying and awesome ppl … the best […]

  • Turnstile + train schedules and capacity = platform density in realtime

    Turnstile + train schedules and capacity = platform density in realtime

    The Social Distancing Index™ Is this a calculation that can be made for people and get alerts on their phones? Could there be a series of calculations to determine density of passengers on platforms and platform areas. Can that data combine with crowd sourced information and using multiple data sets and some assumptions and inferences. […]

  • FuelMinder™ Number of gallons per min x pumps = fuel occupancy per store

    Can you project more refined busy index for fuel locationsusing meters that already exist to infer busy idle indexes and get prediction alerts with your distance to the pump calculated. There are many ways that data counting can give indicators leading and lagging on traffic, behavior and opportunities to offer consumers opportunities. Simple data awareness… […]